Who We Are

Hinterviews is the first online platform to provide access to robust interview questions, answers and resources to individuals around the world. Hinterviews is home to every professional, and your language is understood by other professionals in your discipline.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality answers, inferred from rigorous expert opinion and debate to assist individuals land their dream jobs.

Our Vision

To promote knowledge sharing and empower individuals for their dream jobs.

Our Values

Respect: While this community is publicly accessible, we expect all users to be respectful of others.

Excellence: Our goal is to make the platform the first and only source of quality interview questions and answers. We expect all users to always endeavour to post the best quality information that will be useful to the community.

Honesty: We expect all users to be honest in their views and provide as much evidence as practicable to support their views.

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